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Linda Clerkin

Psychotherapy and counselling

I offer psychotherapy and counselling using Transactional Analysis as my framework.

Safe Hands Clinic

Psychotherapy and counselling

Transactional Analysis (TA) can help you break damaging repetitive patterns of behaviour, and improve the way you communicate, supporting you to form better relationships. TA can help you resolve conflict, confusion and tension in your relationships - with family, friends, colleagues and partners.

I believe that each individual is valuable and has the capacity for positive change and personal growth.

Working together in an atmosphere of comfort, security, and respect, you will become more able to identify and examine various thoughts, behaviours, and emotions which might be hindering your ability to thrive.

You will understand exactly what we are doing because in the words of Eric Berne, the originator of TA, it must be “understandable to an 8 year-old child, a mid-west farmer, and an M.I.T. professor.”

I have over twenty years experience as a therapist, why not make an appointment with me so that we can meet, chat and explore how I might be able to help you BE your best YOU.